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Aluminum alloys, Steel and Stainless Steel, Titanium etc. processing of materials.

Ability to process 3, 5 and 7 axis using high technology.

Part reset with electronic touch probe.

Ability to process parts with vacuum fixing method.

Use of shrink tool holder.

Precise cutting tool measurement with Zoller tool presetter.


Orsan OPS is a company that can make complete manufacturing from technical drawing or 3D model.
It can prepare CAD / CAM programs, design and manufacture machining apparatuses, design and manufacture machines and tool holders in-house.
He has advanced experience in the design and production of investment casting molds.
Thanks to the measuring devices and CAD programs used, reverse engineering applications are also made.

Programs Used 

Programs Used 

• Seimens NX

• Catia

• Vericut

• PC-Dmis Cad++

Orsan OPS constantly updates and uses the latest versions of the computer programs it uses



• Apparatus design and production of all products that will enter production

• Special tool holder design and production

• Design and production of precision casting molds

• Simulation of moving parts

• Vacuum apparatus design

• Reverse engineering



To provide continuous customer satisfaction by meeting the needs and expectations of our customers completely and on time;

To become a world company by determining target markets and increasing exports, to increase our level of competition;

To comply with legal regulations by considering the interests of the companies and institutions we serve;

To continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;

To increase productivity by constantly renewing machine quality and technology by following technology and innovations;

To lead the sector by making new designs for the benefit of its customers;

To consistently achieve quality, cost and timing targets;

To ensure effective participation by giving responsibility and authority to its employees; is our quality policy.